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About Us

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Patrick Bosacki

Massage Therapist

Hi. My name is Patrick Bosacki. I studied Massage Therapy at Karol Marcinkowski Institute in Gniezno, Poland, and finished top of my class. You can view my credentials by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

My diploma in massage therapy is recognised and respected throughout the EU. My experience comes from working both professionally and voluntarily in many hospitals, and in other venues also.

Massage is my passion and I get great satisfaction from being able to achieve good results in a short time. The knowledge and skills acquired during my training and experience help me to work in a holistic way and cater to each individual client. .

There is no escaping the pace and pressure of life these days and it takes a tremendous toll on our bodies. It builds up tension and knotting in our muscles and tissues. .

A good massage done by a caring and professional massage technician loosens those knots, soothes the discomfort and eases, or eliminates the pain so we can start again with a feeling of being renewed, more able, and an attitude of optimistic well-being as we tackle our daily routine.

We are all finding it a bit harder to make ends meet these days so you’ll find my fees very reasonable. I very much look forward to meeting you and helping you to improve your life.


Phone : 087 1120980

Email : info@ballinamassage.com